Lucky Plinko Master REVIEW LEGIT OR SCAM ? – paypal games for money – earn paypal money fast

Do you want to know if this Lucky Plinko Master really pays out? And do you can earn moeny? If yes, please consider watch my video.

You can know if this is legit by reading coments in google play:

Someone writes: „I’m still waiting to cash out I’m playing several games and I’m still not cashed out on onea! Plus you can’t finish one before they send you to another. I Saw where someone cashed out on a eptic win. I got one once and I wasn’t able to cash out. So what’s really up with all these games. If I dont getto cash out soon lm going to find real money making games.”

Other: „Win money cashout NOT work y so many fake games I’m going to start sueing each developer who has a fake app”

So this is probably not legit.